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Privacy Policy


  1. The operator of the www.davoslodz.comwebsite (hereinafter "the Website") is Story Design Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw (00-681), address: ul. Hoża 59/28A; registered in the National Court Register, the District Court in Warsaw Commercial Division - under the KRS number: 0000465952; Tax Identification Number: 7010384365, Industry Identification Number: 146732514; share capital: 5 000 PLN (fully paid), hereinafter reffered to as Story Design.
  2. This Privacy Policy is for information purposes only and is not intended to substitute the security policy pursued by Story Design in accordance with the personal data protection regulations.
  3. In terms of data, which are personal data protected under the personal data protection regulations, the data controller is Story Design.


The notions below shall bear the following meaning:

  1. User – any natural person having full capacity to perform acts in law, legal person or organizational unit having legal capacity that uses the Website, by receiving the data or providing the Website with the data in any form. The User of the Website can also be defined as a natural person having limited capacity to perform acts in law, under the condition of obtaining a consent from the statutory representative.
  2. Cookie files (the so-called “cookies") - computer data, especially text files that are stored in the Website User’s final device and are intended for using the Website. Cookies typically contain the name of the website of origin, their storage time in the Website User’s final device and a unique number.
  3. “Session” cookie files – temporary cookies that are stored in the Website User's final device until he or she logs out, leaves the web page or closes the software (the web browser).
  4. “Persistent” cookie files – cookies stored in the Website User's final device for the time specified in cookie file parameters or till they are removed by the User.
  5. Website User's final device - electronic device by means of which the User gains access to the Website.


  1. The Website collects information provided voluntarily by the User. The aforementioned data contained in a form may be made available to third parties solely upon express consent of the User. The Website may additionally save information about technical parameters of the User’s final device (including IP address of the User’s final device).
  2. The data provided in the form may constitute collection of personal data, in which case, such collection shall be registered by Story Design in the register kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO).
  3. In the case when the data provided in the form enable identification of a natural person, the data subject has right of access to their data, the right to rectify these data as well as to demand to terminate further processing of their personal data at any time. It shall however be noted that this might result in access denial to selected functionalities of the Website.
  4. It should be emphasized that the data provided in the form shall be processed solely for the purposes resulting from the functions of this Website.


  1. The Website uses cookies which are used to generate statistics and retain User preferences.
  2. The entity that places cookies in the Website User’s final device and has access to them (under the Website) is Story Design and/or entities co-operating with Story Design.
  3. In many cases the software used for browsing websites allows saving cookies on the Website User’s final device by default. Therefore the Website Users may change the settings related to cookies at any time in this respect, in a way that allows deleting cookies or blocking their use automatically.
  4. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the Website’s functionalities.
  5. Cookie files placed in the final device of the Website User may also be used by the advertisers and partners co-operating with the Website operator.


  1. Information concerning certain behavior of User specified by the Website shall be stored in the server event log and used solely for the Website administration purposes i.e. analysis of the Website software functioning. It will however not be linked to particular persons using the Website.
  2. Information referred to in point 1 hereinabove may contain data referring to selected technical parameters of the Website User’s final device (including IP address of the device).


  1. The data shall be made available to external parties only in accordance with the binding laws.
  2. The data which permit identification of a natural person shall be made available solely upon consent of the data subject.
  3. Story Design may be obliged to make the data collected by the Website available to authorized bodies on the basis of their lawful demands and in the scope of such demands.


  1. Newsletter is of informative character and it shall be sent out in an electronic mail form to the e-mail address provided on a voluntary basis by the Website User.
  2. The Newsletter database contains email address provided by the User and the date of adding their e-mail address to the database.
  3. User may at any time unsubscribe from the Newsletter by clicking the link in the Newsletter which was sent to them earlier.


  1. Story Design does not agree to receiving unordered commercial information (spam) to the e-mail addresses indicated in the Website. It should be noted that such actions are unlawful.
  2. Any questions or reservations concerning the Website and its functionalities should be sent to
  3. Story Design reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason including, inter alia, the development of the Website or any changes in the binding laws.