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10th October 2016

Dymitr Romanowski, WCF Davos Special Edition Program Director, Co-founder and CEO of The Story (Poland)

Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz (Poland)

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, WCF Davos General Director, President of the WCFA in Switzerland

Willy Lai, Director of User Experience Design, Internet and Emerging Technologies, Silicon Valley (USA) / "The Business Value of User Experience Design"

Jenn Maer, Design Director at IDEO - San Francisco (USA) / "Why Storytelling Matters in Healthcare?"

Sylwia Borowska-Kurek, Country Manager at Abbott Laboratories (Poland) / "FreeStyle Libre: the Power of Patient Experience in Creating Disruptive Innovation"

Marcin Halicki, President at Braster (Poland) / "Revolution in breast cancer detection"


Daria Kertsenbaum, Communications Director at Abbyy (Russia) / "ALL of Tolstoy in One Click - How to save and transfer knowledge in the new age of technologies and social communications."

Piotr Bucki, Storyteller, Coach, CEO at (Poland) / "The Rational of The Irrational Brain. How to design information to avoid cognitive traps in business"

Wieslaw Bartkowski, Interaction Designer & Complex Systems Researcher, Lecturer at SWPS, School of Ideas (Poland) / "Connecting bits and atoms through art, code and design"

Daniela Signorino, Key Account Manager at Moleskine (Italy) / "Why Handwriting still matters in the Digital Era"




Drew O'Malley, Chief Digital Officer at AmRest (Poland) / "5 Forces Shaping Restaurants Today"

Filip Miłoszewski, CEO at Listonic (Poland) / "The rise of voice interfaces and why soon we'll be having conversations with our fridges."

Anastasia Tretyakova, Creative Director at Depot WPF (Russia) / "Human-centered packaging" 

Franky Saegerman, Head of Digital Insights at NATO (Belgium) / "NATO and Social Media - Measuring what matters"

Mick Griffin, Chief Revenue Officer at Brand24 (Poland) / "How People use Social Media as their new best friend"

Lorenzo Brufani, Owner and General Manager at Competence Communication, PR Team Leader and former spokesperson at (Italy) / "Web & Social Media Intelligence"

Alex Frenkel, VP Product at (Israel) / "Designing Human Centered Money"

Alicja Hendler, Commissioning Editor at My Company Polska (Poland) / "Easier, simpler, cheaper - or how FinTech solutions support small and medium business"


Sean Gardner, Co-founder of Huffington Post's "Twitter Powerhouses Series" (USA) / "From TV to Film to Music: How Social Media Changed The Entertainment Experience"

Jakub Szumielewicz, Vice President of Legia Warsaw Football Club (Poland) / "Fan Experience at Ł3 – Between Innovation and Sustainability"

Lukasz Alwast, Project Manager at Fish Ladder / Platige Image (Poland) / "At the intersection of culture and tech. When interdisciplinarity generates joy"

For speakers and participants, who were handed an invitation during the registration

11th October 2016

Johan Adda, Ex-Apple / User Experience architect (United Kingdom) / "What if your emotions could change your device's user interface?" The future of humane interface"

Arturas Jonkus, CEO at TelcoQ (Lithuania) / "When crowd is ready to engage"

Marcin Malicki, Project Manager at Wirtualna Polska (Poland) / "Technology vs Design: Limitations make art"

Maciej K. Krol, President at Xcity Investment (Poland) "Responsible planning - social and economic responsibility in creating urban tissue"

Boguslaw Barnas, CEO at BXBstudio (Poland) / "Future of the Human Space"

Agnieszka Sikorska & Marta Grochowska, Co Founders at Engage Warsaw (Poland) / "Co-creation - how to effectively engage citizens."

Kacper Winiarczyk, General Manager at Uber (Poland) / "Revolution in mobility. The future of cities"

Rafal Brzoska, CEO at InPost (Poland) / "Automation in e-commerce deliveries. Disruptive business model by InPost"

Dymitr Romanowski, CEO at The Story (Poland) / "UX Warsaw Project - How to change city for better tourist experience"

Blazej Moder, Managing Director at EC-1 Lodz City of Culture (Poland) / "EC1 Łódź – the metaphor of the city’s history"

Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of Innovation and Development at Polish Development Fund (Poland) / "Start In Poland"

Maciej Kubiak, Advocate Partner in LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners Law Firm (Poland)

Magdalena Jablonska, COO at MIT Enterprise Forum Poland (Poland)

Izabella Grzegory, Director at Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS Unipress (Poland)

Krzysztof Jakubczak, CEO at Perspectiva Solutions (Poland)

Adam Mikołajczyk, President of Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute (Poland)

Jaroslaw Gorski, Member of the Board at Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute (Poland)

Grzegorz Wolff, Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department in the City of Warsaw (Poland)

Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of Innovation and Development at Polish Development Fund (Poland)

Blazej Moder, Managing Director at EC-1 Lodz City of Culture (Poland)

Bogna Swiatkowska, Chairman at Bec Zmiana Foundation (Poland)

Justyna Glusman, Expert at Forum Od-nowa (Poland)

Henryk Stawicki, Design Strategy Pilot at Change Pilots (Poland)




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